• Kerry

Ankle Sprains

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Weak ankles can cause a lot of occurring problems! If ankle sprains are not rehabbed and strengthened correctly the likelihood of re injury is huge! The ligaments and muscles around the ankle need to be strengthened to stabilise the ankle.

This program is for people who have rolled outwards onto the ankle (inversion sprain).

EXERCISE 1️⃣ using a light resistance band simply rotate the foot inwards to outwards. Use your 'good' foot as an anchor for the band. Ensure all movement is coming from the ankle not the knee and hip. Sit down if you need to for balance.

EXERCISE 2️⃣ with the band and anchor foot in the same position this time you are rolling the ankle inwards to outwards.

EXERCISE 3️⃣ & 4️⃣ these simple exercises work on the balance of the ankle to help with stabilisation. Balancing on the injured foot using different surfaces helps fire all supporting ligaments to fire and strengthen through proprioception. Gradually progress from a stable surface to more unstable. To advance the exercise move the other leg around to test the balance further. Wobble boards and balance discs are great for this!

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