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What is WITW?

Wellness in the workplace is our highly trained team providing your staff with an office based sports massage which can conveniently fit in with their daily work schedule. It is a cost-effective way for employers to alleviate aches, pains and tensions within their work force which could be inhibiting performance and attendance, therefore creating a happy and healthy team of employees.

What are the benefits to my company?

Did you know that up to three million people are estimated to be on long-term sick leave because of back pain? Did you also know that the average migraine sufferer needs to take 33 days off work a year to cope with their condition, with those at the “peak of their careers” most likely to be affected.


By providing your staff with this convenient form of sports massage we can relieve tension in the neck and shoulders therefore reducing headaches and improving concentration, morale and performance. In addition by removing aches and pains from poor posture whilst sitting at a desk we allow employees to more relaxed and comfortable thus boosting productivity. These are all contributing factors to fewer absences making your business run more seamlessly.

How does it work?

A highly trained sports massage therapist will come to your office space and set up a small treatment area in a space convenient for you. They will provide 20 minute back, neck and shoulders treatments for each employee tailored to their needs. As well as the actual massage treatment they can advise on desk and chair set up, postural advice and corrective exercises which will all contribute to employee comfort.

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